November 3rd is Rapidly Approaching. Don’t Waste Time. We can assist you!

First, this is the Shelby County Democratic Party in Alabama. We need to state this because we receive numerous calls and requests from other Shelby Counties in the U.S.

We are so pleased that you have Googled the Shelby County Democratic Party. If you have questions about the In-Person Absentee Voting process, or questions about anything related to voting in Alabama, just give us a call (205) 914-0100, or email us at We are here to help you.

If you need to vote by In-Person Absentee in Shelby County, please go to the Shelby County Exhibition Center, 86 Argo Road, Columbiana, Alabama – Not the Shelby County Courthouse.

If you have already voted In-Person Absentee and want to check the status of your ballot, logon to: Scroll to November 3rd in order to find out your status – that’s it!

Need Biden-Harris or Doug Jones signs, keep scrolling to learn how to get them.

If you want to know what’s happening at our meeting of October 15th, keep scrolling

Let’s do this!

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