Check on your Absentee Ballot!

For Alabama Voters: ⭐️ A new feature on the AL Secretary of State site: When you check your voting registration here:, there is a new line that indicates whether or not you have an absentee ballot associated with your name. 👉What is your status? (Friends who have voted absentee already, do you see a confirmation for your absentee ballot on file?) IMPORTANT DATES for VOTING in ALABAMA: ⭐️ Oct 19 is the last day to register to vote. If you have young, new voters in your family, make sure they register NOW!⭐️ Oct 29 is the last day to apply for an absentee ballot. Nov 2 is the last day to deliver it. *DO NOT WAIT* – the mail is slow and the absentee election managers have been *very* busy. ⭐️ Vote Absentee in person: Save time by printing out your county’s absentee ballot application in advance. Fill out and bring it to the county courthouse to get your absentee ballot. Vote “absentee in person” anytime from now through Oct 29, but PLEASE DO NOT WAIT!…/absentee-ballot-applications

SOS.ALABAMA.GOVAbsentee Ballot Applications | Alabama Secretary of StatePlease find the information for your county’s Absentee Election Manager below. Under each county’s information, you will find the Absentee Ballot Application with your county’s mailing address. You, as the voter, will need to print and complete the application and either mail or hand deliver t…

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