If you have questions about the Shelby County Democratic Party, no need to call around, just dial 205-914-0100 for immediate assistance.

September 9, 2020 kicked off In-Person Absentee Voting in the State of Alabama. If you are a resident registered to vote in Shelby County, go and vote now! Voting is not at the courthouse, but rather, at the Shelby County Exhibition Center, 86 Argo Road, Columbiana, Alabama. 8:am 0 4:30 pm.

Just a note: Laura Casey is a Democrat who lives in Shelby County. She is seeking the office of President, Public Service Commission.

If you have completed an Absentee application, and have not received your ballot, the staff will be able to pull your application and give you an Absentee ballot immediately – that is, if it has not been mailed. The process is very smooth and the staff is very helpful.

Here are some helpful dates to remember, but by these dates you probably will have already voted

  • Deadline to register to vote: October 19
  • Deadline to apply for an absentee ballot: October 29
  • Deadline to return an absentee ballot in person is November 2
  • Deadline to return an absentee ballot by mail, but must be Postmarked by November 2 and received by Noon on November 3

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