August Activities

Local Democrats are on the move getting ready to win some elections in November. Please try to participate in at least one of these Shelby County activities.

– Dinner with Democrats – August 7 6:30pm Tuesday at the Margarita Grill Hwy 119 in Pelham. Come have a beverage and chat with fellow Democrats.

– Monthly Meeting – August 16 Thursday 6:30pm at the Pelham License Office 1123 County Services Dr off I65 exit 242. Come hear an incredible speaker Will Boyd running for Lt. Governor. And meet several other Democrats running to flip the state legislature.

Hwy 280 Area Democrats Meeting – August 21 Tuesday 7pm North Shelby County Library Hwy 119. This is a new group who want to get Democrats organized along the 280 corridor. They will have a speaker from GASP an environmental group fighting for clean air and water.

 Make Phone Calls From Home  – If you want to help us Get Out The Vote from home we’ll set you up with a phone list.
It’s easy and we’ll give you a script to follow.
South Shelby County Carl Carter Campaign 205-876-6088
West Shelby County Suzanne Coleman 205-281-4963

-Post Card Writing – Receiving a hand written post card will encourage people to vote. If you want to do this from home contact the Jenn Gray Campaign Karen Fowler at 746-6174.

Are you frustrated with our political situation? Time to make and change and get involved.

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